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Тест 4. Времена глагола

Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. My brother ... in Glasgo, but now he is in Bristol on business. He ... at his friends'.
2. I ... Peter for a long time, since we ... at the same school.
3. When she looked out of the window she ... that the ground was wet because it ... all night.
4. She ... along the street deep in thought when she ... suddenly somebody calling her.
5. We ... this place for our holidays because the tour agent ... it to us as one of the most attractive in the country.
6. The fire ... in the fireplace and dark shadows ... on the walls of the room decorated with old portraits.
7. By the time he ... home from the airport, the table ... for dinner.
8. I hope I ... enough time to prepare for the test we ... next week.
9. He ... the answer a few momens after he ... the question by e-mail.
10. The garden ... so beautiful. - No wonder, she ... many days planting the roses and cutting the bushes.

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