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Тест 10. Модальные глаголы

Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. My cousin ... speak English well. I am sure she ... to help you with the translation.
2. ... I use your pen? - Sorry, but I ... it at the moment.
3. He ... have gone hiking because he is ill. He ... be sleeping now, that`s why he hasn`t answered your call.
4. You ... go for a walk with your friends. Put on your warm sweater, it ... get colder.
5. You ... take the dog for a walk every morning. If you keep a pet, you ... to look after it.
6. You ... to do the task in written form. But you ... hand it in tomorrow, you ... do it later.
7. We ... to wear school uniform in class. However, we ... wear casual clothes during out-of-class activities.
8. The readers ... speak loudly at the library. They ... use Wi-Fi free.
9. ... I bring my own skates to the skating rink? - No, you ... . We`ll provide you with the sports equipment.
10. The conference ... to start at 10. You ... be late.

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