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1)  moreover, furthermore – более того

2)  however — однако

3)  nevertheless — тем не менее

4)  still, yet — всё же

5)  besides — кроме того

6)  otherwise, else, or else — иначе

7)  on the one hand/on the other hand – с одной стороны, с другой стороны

8)  without exaggeration — без преувеличения

9)  without doubt, undoubtedly — без сомнения

10) meanwhile – тем временем 


1)  and — и, а

2)  but — но

3)  as well as — так же и

4)  both … and … —  и … и …

5)  either … or … — или … или…

6)  neither … nor … — ни … ни…

7)  or — или, иначе

8)  not only but also — не только … но и …



As/since it was cold, we didn’t go to the seaside.

We didn’t go to the seaside because/for it was cold.

We didn’t go to the seaside because of cold weather.

Though the day was sunny, it was cold.

In spite of wet weather it was pleasant to walk in the park.

In spite of the fact that the weather was wet it was pleasant to walk in the park.

He left home early so as/in order not to be late.

He left home early so that/in order that he wouldn’t be late.

The weather was rainy, so we stayed at home.

The weather was so cold, that we had to stay at home.

It was such a cold day that the children didn’t go for a walk.


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